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Ricky Makes Arkansas His Permanent Home

Returning to Arkansas in 2016 from his mission work in China, Ricky took a position with the Arkansas Department of Correction at the Cummins Unit as a non-denominational prison chaplain. Ricky also served as “Treatment Coordinator” at the Cummins Unit, where he managed several inmate programs designed to increase long-term success rates of hopeful parolees integrating back into their communities, and decrease rates of repeat offenders.

The experiences Ricky had working at the Cummins Unit in Pine Bluff helped to provide a new perspective on issues some Arkansans face, and his concern that these voices continue to go unheard lead him to campaign against Senator Tom Cotton in Arkansas’ 2020 Senate Election. Ricky made history as both the first black man to run for Senate in Arkansas, as well as the first Libertarian candidate to gain 33.3% of the vote in any race, nationwide.

Ricky resides in Pine Bluff. His wife, Chujie, is active duty US Navy. Together they have three beautiful young children, two of whom are autistic.

Ricky Harrington believes in leading by example; having dedicated his life to public service, he is joining the 2022 Governor’s race as a servant leader and advocate of liberty, equality, and abundance for all Arkansans.


Mail checks to:

Ricky Harrington For Governor
PO Box 23501
Little Rock, AR 72221