End the Grocery Tax

Are you frustrated by rising prices at the grocery store?

Many Arkansans like you are struggling to keep afloat amidst government-caused hyperinflation and the economic impact of covid-19. The next governor of Arkansas can't do much about bad policy from Washington, but he or she can offer everyone in the state significant relief. 

Arkansas is one of thirteen states that taxes our produce, meats, and other groceries. In fact, in regards to all sales taxes, Arkansans pay more than most of the nation. To make matters worse with the federal government causing inflation by printing money, not only are Arkansans being forced to pay more, their dollars simply aren't worth as much. 

It's time the legislature ends the Arkansas grocery tax. 

Sign the petition to let Governor Hutchinson and members of the Arkansas legislature know that you've had enough!

End the Arkansas grocery tax today.

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