Robust Health Care For Arkansas


Having lived in a country where women are forced to have abortions, Ricky wants to live in a country that respects the bodily autonomy of all individuals. In all circumstances, we must understand that self-determination is quintessential for a free society. 

You can make a libertarian argument for and against abortion restrictions; however, we need to consider that prohibition hasn’t worked in nations where it has been tried.  Just like attempts to prohibit alcohol or marijuana consumption, outlawing abortion is not a practical political solution to reducing the number of abortions and can lead to unsafe conditions for women.

Market Competition

End certificate of need laws that allow hospitals and medical practices to keep out their competitors.  Imagine if you wanted to open up a restaurant and your competitors got to lobby the government to keep your business from opening up.  That is the reality of certificate of need laws.  They delay health care facilities from being built, drive up the cost of health care, lower health care standards, and in some extreme cases led to unnecessary deaths.  


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