In the heat of the summer. When the pavements were burning.


We're celebrating Juneteenth in Jonesboro and raising funds in Ulm.


Ricky celebrated Juneteenth in the city of Jonesboro. He and his son Mason visited each booth, joined by Frank Gilbert, Libertarian candidate for Lt. Governor. 

Ricky was also given the opportunity to speak a few words about the importance of liberty on such a monumental day. If you didn't see it on social media, you can watch on Youtube.

Ricky went live on Facebook for a few moments. You can watch that video by clicking here and then read more of Ricky's thoughts on the event in the blog.

On Saturday, June 25th, Libertarians and neighbors of Garrett Sheeks gathered in Ulm, Arkansas in Prairie County for a fundraiser to support Mr. Sheeks campaign for AR State House. 

After a fabulous bbq dinner, the candidates got up and said a few words about their campaigns, including Ricky. As much as we'd love to share that speech with you, we had some adorable lil ones playing a bit too loudly, making the audio unworkable. It was so nice to have children around to remind us why we do this work.


Platform spotlight

So what do Libertarians believe should be the state's role when it comes to agriculture? The LPAR platform on agriculture reads as follows:

1.0 Agriculture
1.1 Farmers and members of the agricultural industry in this State should be free to operate in markets without burdensome or unnecessary regulation and taxation.
1.2 There should be no restrictions or limitations on the interstate and international trade of agricultural products, including the application of tariffs on food products between nations.
1.3 The regulatory and tax burdens on farmers and agricultural industry members at the local, state, and federal levels should be reduced or eliminated, including the reduction or abolition of property and inheritance taxes.
1.4 Subsidies to farmers and agricultural industries should be phased out, including and especially those subsidies which are the result of market manipulation by local, state, federal, or international governments or regulatory bodies. The Federal Department of Agriculture should be phased out.
1.5 Farmers and members of the agricultural industry shall be responsible and liable for any damages they might cause.

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Upcoming Events and Volunteer Opportunities

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Today and always, thank you for your support and prayers as we work towards a freer Arkansas.