Lifting Arkansans Up

  • End debtors prisons in the state.  No one should be jailed for being poor.  Sadly, in 2022, Arkansas has still not ended this practice.  
  • End the remaining grocery tax which takes food off the tables of hungry Arkansans.
  • Give budget surpluses back to the people.  If the state is taking more than it needs to carry out its necessary functions, that is theft from Arkansas taxpayers and must be given back. 
  • Phase out the state sales tax which is a tax on the poorest Arkansans.  Arkansans will have more money to spend on necessities, our economy will grow as people flock from neighboring states to shop in our towns and cities. 
  • Stop giving handouts and incentives to big corporations to put small businesses out of business. 


Mail checks to:

Ricky Harrington For Governor
PO Box 23501
Little Rock, AR 72221