We are revving up for the height of campaign season

Dear friend of liberty,

We're revving up for the height of campaign season. We have several exciting updates to share. Let's get right into it. 

First things first.

Check your voter registration. October 11th is the deadline to register to vote in the 2022 election.


The media is watching. They know the people of Arkansas want to hear the message of liberty. Ricky was included in several news stories in the last several days. 

Ricky spoke at the Lake View, Arkansas, 50th year anniversary of the incorporation of their city 🗽

"It's a great privilege to be present and participate in Lake View, Arkansas' 50th-anniversary celebration today. Neighbors shared memories of family, opportunity, success, and service. It's the story of every Arkansan. We work to give our children a better world than we had growing up by setting them up for success with quality education (including the simple opportunity to receive instruction) and reminding them that once they have accomplished their goals, to be of service to others."

Arkansas Public Television debates are right around the corner. Ricky will faceoff live with Republican, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, and Democrat, Chris Jones on Friday, Oct. 21, at 10 a.m. The debate will be live-streamed and aired on television later that evening at 7 pm. Learn about all of the Libertarian candidates debating on the PBS stage by clicking here

 Platform spotlight

So what do Libertarians believe should be the state's role when it comes to defense and security issues? The LPAR platform reads as follows:

2.0 Defense/Security

2.1 Personal Defense: The defense of individual rights—life, liberty, and justly acquired property—against aggression is a legitimate use of force. This right inheres in the individual, who may agree to be aided by any other individual or group. We affirm the
individual right recognized by the Second Amendment to keep and bear arms and oppose the prosecution of individuals for exercising their rights. Private property owners should be free to establish their own conditions regarding the presence of personal defense weapons on their own property. We oppose all laws at any level of government restricting, registering, taxing, or monitoring the ownership, manufacture, or transfer of firearms or ammunition.

2.2 National Defense: We support the maintenance of a sufficient military to defend Arkansas and the United States against aggression. The United States should both avoid entangling alliances and abandon its attempts to act as a police force for the world. The military should not be deployed without a formal declaration of war by Congress, as required in the US Constitution. The national guard should not be deployed outside our borders. We oppose any form of compulsory national service.

2.3 Intelligence: The defense of the country requires that we have adequate intelligence
to detect and counter threats to domestic security. This requirement must not take
priority over maintaining the civil liberties of our citizens. The Constitution and Bill of Rights shall not be suspended even during times of war. Intelligence agencies that legitimately seek to preserve the security of the nation must be subject to oversight and transparency. We oppose the government’s use of secret classifications to keep from the public information that it should have, especially that which shows that the government has violated the law. We oppose the use of torture and other cruel and unusual punishments, without exception.

2.4 International Affairs: American foreign policy should seek an America at peace with
the world. Our foreign policy should emphasize defense against attacks from abroad and enhance the likelihood of peace by avoiding foreign entanglements. We would end the current U.S. government policy of foreign intervention, including military and economic aid. We recognize the right of all people to resist tyranny and defend themselves and their rights. We condemn the use of force, and especially the use of terrorism, against the innocent, regardless of whether such acts are committed by governments or by political or revolutionary groups.

What do you think? Do you agree? Reach out via social media. You can find Ricky on Twitter @RickDHarrington 

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Upcoming Events and Volunteer Opportunities

View the campaign schedule here.

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  • We also have some core campaign staff positions that need to be filled. If you're interested in going to the next level with your support, contact us today via any method and we'll get right back to you.
  • The Libertarian Party of Arkansas will have a booth at the Arkansas State Fair running October 14-23. They need dedicated volunteers to staff every shift. Please see the post in the members-only Facebook group or contact LPAR at [email protected]  

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Did you know that the Libertarian Party of Arkansas has a TikTok account? They recently and regularly include Ricky in their videos. Here's a popular one:

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Today and always, thank you for your support and prayers as we work towards a freer Arkansas.

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